The Mentor In Me

By William Todd

“The purpose of the mentor is to lead me, to the mentor in me.”
– Bob Proctor


The Mentor In Me Now Shipping!

William Todd is a longtime, successful entrepreneur who was one of few with the distinct pleasure of being personally mentored by Bob Proctor along his journey.

The Mentor In Me, written by William Todd, tells a story so many of us can relate to – being given incredible insight and guidance and only sometimes choosing to listen to it – and of course attempting to do it his own way the majority of the time.

In the chapters of the book, Bob leaves coaching notes pointing out to the reader perfect examples of where William used the Laws of the Universe in is favor and where he abused or broke the laws to his detriment.

This gives the reader a first hand opportunity to see how Bob uses the Laws of the Universe to unlock so many of one of his student’s doors and paradigms.

Mentoring the Mentor in YOU!


William isn’t stopping at a book – now he has decided to open his doors from
mentoring himself, to mentoring YOU as well through his 3 week course.

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