William Todd and The Mentor In Me have been featured through many media outlets. Below is current and previous press and media around The Mentor In Me, the 90 Coaching Series, and William Todd.

Radio Interview
May 3, 2016

Radio Interview
May 5, 2016

Press Release
May 6, 2016

Press Release
May 16, 2016

Interview with Major General Linda L. Singh
June 7, 2016

June 22, 2016

Interview with Bob Proctor for his 82nd Birthday
July 5, 2016

Interview with Marty Jeffery
August 2, 2016

William Todd interviews Entrepreneur & Author Julie Tara
September 6, 2016

William Todd interviews Author Herb Rapp
October 4, 2016

The Mentor In Me interviews Tyler LeBaron, Founder and Executive Director of Molecular Hydrogen Foundation
November 1, 2016

The Mentor In Me interviews prominent MLM Attorney, Kevin Thompson
December 2016

Writestream Tuesday with The Mentor In Me Author William Todd and Co-Author Marty Jeffery
January 3, 2017

Donna Lyons McClelland interviews The Mentor In Me Author William Todd on Love, Liberty & Lip Gloss!
January 12, 2017