The Mentor In Me Book

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The Mentor In Me

By William Todd

William Todd — author of “The Mentor In Me” — has been a successful entrepreneur for many years.  His combination of work ethic and the mentoring he received personally from Bob Proctor, has also made William a world-class mentor.
[Bob told William that the purpose of mentoring is to bring out the mentor in someone else]
William’s book is the story of that journey.  You may relate to the difficulty William had ‘doing’ what Bob suggested.  You will laugh and you will learn as you read about how William attempts to do it his way despite the sage advice from Bob and his 50-years of experience.  But as you read through the chapters and learn about the “Seven Levels of Awareness”, you will come to know first-hand what it means to harness the Laws of the Universe.  Yes — you can put infinite power behind your actions!
If you have tried and failed . . . if you have never tried . . . this is the book that will make sense of what took William twenty years to learn.
In the words of Bob Proctor,
“The Mentor in Me is not a book that you pick up and read. It’s a book you form a relationship with and you will want to study it daily for the rest of your life.”